Who Will Win The World Cup 2010

Posted on 11 Juni 2010


Today is opening world cup 2010. After opening celebration will be continu match between South Africa vs Meksico and Uruguay vs france.

World cup will be go on 1 month. Every people may be have gamecock but they don’t know hwo will be become the winner. But this condition not for Deddy Corbuzer, magician from Indonesia.

Deddy ever predicted hwo will became precident Indonesiaan when Indonesian president election in 2009. His prediction is accurate not only the winner but also total of voter to the winner.

Based on that experience he try to prediction the winner of world cup 2010 along with score. Than His prediction entered in the box than locked it. That box will opened concurrent final match. This incident  live in two television in Indonesia.

Will Deddy prediction true??   We will waiting until 12 Juli 2010..

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